Famous Wedding Proposal’s

Posted by: stylewedds on: September 27, 2013

We all know celebrities and/or well known people are more extravagant than the rest of us and can afford to do anything they want, whenever they want (at least most of the time) so why would there marriage proposals be anything but ordinary? Here are a few famous wedding proposals that we think deserve mentioning and just maybe some of you might find a bit of inspiration to pop THE question in a more “original” way.

childrens marriage proposal

Jacqueline Kennedy and John F. Kennedy began dating in 1951. Jackie was a career woman, a professional media journalist who was dedicated to her work. when she came back from covering Queen Elizabeth the II coronation in England, she found a 2.88 carat diamond ring, alongside a one carat emerald waiting in John’s hand, who would say no?

Jackie Kennedy


For all you Christmas lover’s, this might be a good one to try, and this holiday is quickly coming up. The setting was a wintery, Christmas Toronto, where Dean McDermott took then girlfriend Tory Spelling to a Christmas tree farm! A fabulous Christmas set-up was waiting. A romantic dinner followed and the ring was accepted.

Christmas holiday proposal

The ring isn’t everything according to Bill and Hillary Clinton. The power couple began dating while attending Yale in 1970. In 1975, Bill decided to buy a house that Hillary really liked and that was it. He told her he couldn’t live in it alone so she needed to marry him, and so she did. 30 years later Bill finally gave Hillary a 3 carat diamond ring.


Usually the guy asks the girl to marry him right? Well not in Pink’s case. In 2005 during one of Carey Hart’s motocross races Pink decided to pop-the question. She stood on the sidelines of one of the racetracks curves and held a sign up which said “Will you marry me?” Girl power! The rest was history.


How about a helicopter ride to the Whistler Glaciers in British Columbia, Canada? That’s what Seal did. He took super model girlfriend Heidi Klum on an awesome chopper ride to the beautiful glaciers where he had built a special Igloo at more than 14,000 ft. above sea level! We think the igloo might have melted due to the burning love.



We hope you’ve been inspired!

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Engagement ring trends

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For as long as ive known, engagement rings have always been that unmistakable simple diamond on a platinum or gold setting, the traditional ring you might say, but ever more frequently has the engagement ring trend been about “setting” aside the traditional and coming up with original and bold ring ideas. Bigger and different is better jewelers say, and what people are looking for nowadays. Since now engagement rings are not only the symbol of the engagement itself but usually, not always, the one item that defines the relationship the couple has and of course, each persons personality. Engagement rings should show off the persons individuality is the norm in today’s modern society.

Thus most brides are shying away from traditional an opting for a ring that showcases their individual personality.


vintage engagement rings

Color. We can thank Duchess Kate for this trend.


BIG. We can thank big-name celebrities.

big diamond engagement ring

Shapes, not round!

engagement rings

Custom rings


Mixed metals

mixed metal engagement rings

Our tip: talk and know your bride. Ask her what she likes and give her something with meaning. A ring she can identify with is worth more than a super expensive, over the top one.

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Wedding Bouquet’s

Posted by: stylewedds on: August 31, 2013

The brides most important accessory, her wedding bouquet, is the one element where she can give way to her imagination and create her own very special bouquet. The possibilities are endless. Colors, textures, natural flowers, artificial flowers, stones, pearls, ribbons, or whatever the future Mrs. would like to incorporate in her statement bridal accessory, she can do it. However, although wedding bouquet’s offer the bride this great flexibility, there two very important details bride’s must keep in mind when creating their statement accessory, such as; the bouquet’s size and that it remains cohesive with the wedding décor.

The most ideal place to start the bouquet quest, is by first choosing the style and type of bouquet you prefer. Keep in mind that it is important to choose the size of the bouquet in proportion to the brides size and stature. You wouldn’t want your bouquet to over power your wedding dress, or overpower you! Thus it is super important that you have great communication with your wedding planner and your florist so that they are able to define your exact style and taste so as to create the ideal wedding bouquet for you! Here are some ideas…..

Wednesday Wedding Planners

Mar de Flores

blue hydrangea bouqut

button bridesmaid bouquet

colorful tulip bouquetcasablanca bouquet

yellow rananculus bouquetwhite ranunculus bouquet

white and purple calla lilies

Mexican inspired beach wedding | photo by Amelia Lyon Photography | 100 Layer Cake

Urban Plant

Remember that your bridal bouquet is your made-to-order accessory and the one you will sadly and probably give away. Your dress, makeup, hair and jewels already make you look stunning, the perfect bridal bouquet to fit you will make you look like a princess! At one point during your wedding reception, the bouquet will become the center of attention, so giving it your special mark is a must.


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Beauty & health tips for the month before the wedding!

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It’s no secret that wedding planning is stressful and time-consuming, so in order to feel and look your best on THE day, a strict beauty and health regimen is in order. Read on for some of our tips for the month prior to your wedding.

1. Protect your skin! We all want a fabulous tan, especially for our wedding but not using sunscreen can NEVER be an option. you should wear sunscreen all day, everyday, during the month prior to your wedding. If you don’t already do so, do it then, your skin will thank you for it. No dark spots or wrinkles. Plus you don’t want to be overly-tan wearing a white wedding dress. Too much of a tan can be a big wedding and fashion no no.

2. Take care of your hair! Sea, sun, heat and chlorine can be very damaging to your gorgeous locks and great wedding hair is always a must. If your planning on spending a few days basking in the Cabo sun before your destination wedding, then don’t forget to use a good scalp and hair sunscreen to protect your hair so it looks healthy and shiny.

3. Do a cleanse or detox! Cleansing isn’t just about loosing some extra pounds. its about getting rid of unnecessary toxins and “crap” your body is storing. And the way to get those out, is to cleanse and what better time to “clean yourself” from the inside-out but the month before a new chapter in your life begins. Keep in mind there are many many different kinds of cleanses, varying in the amount of days the cleanse lasts or in what form your consuming the nutrients you need. But if your not a cleanse type of gal or guy, try a simple 3 day juice and veggie cleanse. We promise even your skin will notice the difference.

4. Keep a healthy diet rich in fruits, veggies and proteins. Swap sugary foods for fruit and reduce the amount of bread you consume and don’t skip meals!

5. Create and follow a beauty routine daily. Wash, exfoliate and hydrate are the 3 main steps you cannot miss! Again if your having a gorg Cabo beach wedding, an easy and practical body exfoliant is to take beach sand and ocean water, with its detoxifying properties, and give yourself a good scrub. Couldn’t get any simpler, with readily available Cabo sand.

6. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Two liters of water a day is a must. especially if your in Cabo’s sunny weather.

7. Always wear your sunglasses! The skin around our eyes is 4 times more fragile than the skin on the rest of our face. Protect it the most by not letting any sun touch it and no one will ever be able to know your true age. Jessica Alba always wears her sunnies while basking in the Cabo sun during her vacations.

8. Exercise and play sports. We bet you’ve heard when people say exercising releases endorphins and endorphins make people happy. Well its so true. You’ll be happy, fit and toned!

9. Relax! Check out the Cabo spa’s, get a few massages, let yourself be pampered. It is the month before your wedding so pampering and de-stressing is in order. This is your time.

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Kenya & Byron’s Cabo Summer Wedding.

Posted by: stylewedds on: August 14, 2013

Let me just say that this wedding was not only amazingly beautiful but so magical. You could feel the love this couple has for each other from miles away.


The first time that Kenya & Byron heard about Los Cabos as an option for a Destination Wedding spot was in the Fall of 2011 at a Wedding Expo in New York. They won a trip to the Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Resort and fell in love with the idea of having their wedding in Los Cabos and at this gorgeous Holistic Resort on the Pacific side of Cabo.RMP2dd-4897

Their venue choice was also a very smart one since Cabo and Baja Sur as a whole get quite hot during the summer months, especially July through September, but the Pacific side is a perfect choice since it’s a bit cooler. One of the many reasons why Cabo is such an awesome place for a destination wedding year-round.

After some searching they decided to contact us at Style Weddings & Events for their destination wedding site visit where we took them to some of the most popular restaurants like The Office at Medano beach and also arranged a Sunset Cruise so they could really get a sense of the wonderful place Cabo is and show them all it has to offer. They stayed at the Pacifica resort, their venue choice, and also got to visit it’s sister property the Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach.



The wedding month came fast! They loved their Sunset Cruise so much that for their first event, Kenya and Byron took their guests on the same cruise they had been on, which of course had an open bar and appetizers and where guests got to see the famous Cabo Arch and Lovers Beach.

RMP2dd-6197 (2)

On July 20th, everything was ready for a 5:30 pm ceremony on the beach with a beautiful huppah decorated with flowers and crystal clear hanging gems. Famous minister Marco Arechiga performed the ceremony while a trio composed of a harp, a guitar and a violin played some lovely tunes.




Kenny had chosen blush and white colors for her bouquet and picked peonies and roses as her wedding flowers. The Bridesmaids wore romantic peach colored dresses while the bride wore a mermaid, strapless cut wedding dress that fit her like a glove.



The reception décor was simple yet very elegant and tasteful, just as the couple wanted. Multi-level flower arrangements and candles, all in a blush and white color palette adorned the dinner tables at the Sky Pool Terrace of the Pueblo Bonito Pacifica resort. With the Pacific ocean and the desert sand dunes as background, not much needed to be done.




Guests enjoyed a delicious three course dinner and an a even more delicious red velvet cake which looked like a piece of art. An awesome DJ had guests dancing the night away. The once in a life time event ended with the release of fire lanterns where each guest could send their special wishes off into the universe.

A very special thank you to Rebecca Marie Photography for her amazing photos and work.



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10 iconic wedding dresses

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Arguably one of the most important elements of a wedding; some brides might even argue it is the MOST important, the wedding dress does not only make the bride look her very best but makes her feel like the princess she is, thus here are the first group of 10 iconic wedding dresses we felt have made their mark on the world.

Queen Elizabeth II wed Prince Phillip on November 1946 at the ripe ol’ age of 21. The gown was made of ivory duchess satin and decorated with 10,000 imported white pearls, silver thread and tulle embroidery.


Doña Letizia Ortiz wed Prince Felipe de España wearing a Manuel Pertegaz long sleeve gown.


Priscilla Beaulieu wore a dress of her own design when she married Elvis Presley, The King, in May 1967.



Of course how could we leave out the pop-icon who set fashion trends for many years, Sarah Jessica Parker wore a Vivienne Westwood gown in Sex And The City: The Movie for the dramatic scene when she didn’t marry Mr. Big.


The late Princess Diana wore a dress designed by David and Elizabeth Emanuel for her July 1981 wedding to Prince Charles. Her gown’s 25-foot train is the longest in royal wedding history.


For her March 1969 wedding to John Lennon, Yoko Ono wore a white mini dress with a sun hat and over-sized sunglasses.

Elizabeth Taylor’s first marriage was to Conrad Hilton in May 1950 and she wore a dress by Helen Rose; the MGM costumier who designed Grace Kelly’s wedding gown


Designed by the same woman as Elizabeth Taylor’s dress, Helen Rose, Grace Kelly’s gown was made from 25 yards of silk taffeta, antique rose-point lace and pearls by three dozen seamstresses, who worked on it for six weeks.


Ultra famous gorgeous supermodel Kate Moss married Jamie Hince in July 2011 wearing a John Galliano gown which was regarded as “nostalgic and wonderful” by many in the fashion world.

For the tenth iconic gown of this first of what we think will be a number of blogs regarding iconic and timeless wedding gowns, we could not skip the dress worn at one of the most important weddings of the past few decades.

Throughout their six-month engagement, the designer of Kate’s wedding gown was kept a secret, leading to intense global speculation. Sarah Burton, creative director of Alexander McQueen was the Duchesses’ choice.


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Wedding song ideas…..

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Getting married has to be one of the most magical experiences. Add to that some amazing music and you’ll be sure everyone will have a blast, so here are a few wedding song ideas we think would be amazing at a beach destination wedding. if your having your wedding not just in Mexico but in Cabo! then your music must be beach-wedding worthy and fitting to complement the fabulous setting that is Los Cabos.

I have personally always enjoyed listening to the beatles, who doesn’t really……and this song pretty much sums up what a wedding is all about.



If you have a old-style in you and feel like being a bit more original than the rest of the guys and gals getting hitched out there, then you might like this next idea. Listen to the lyrics, I promise you’ll love it just like I do. Totally unexpected!



This next song can only be described as whimsical, romantic and totally rock and roll! It has just enough beat and pzaz to make it a fun yet romantic take on the ol’ wedding song. Plus the Stones can rarely be beat in the music department. A Cabo wedding will never be the same. Love the tune and a perfect complement to the bride on her day!

I think this next song would be a perfect first dance song just because the melody and lyrics capture the emotion of such a special day! Not too commercial or recent but very fitting for the occasion. Romance at its best.

For a more modern take on the wedding song, try a little pop-rock, and Phillip Phillips “Home” really makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside, with a little bit of cool.


There is no way on earth you can go wrong with these next two culture classics. “L-O-V-E” and “At Last”. Listening to them will make you feel the happiest on your special day and you will sure put a smile on people’s faces.



Our last, but certainly not the least special of our wedding song ideas, is none other but the very special song Prince William and Duchess Kate chose for their nuptials. Which happened to be Princess Diana’s favorite song by her favorite artist and dear friend Sir Elton John. Bring some royalty in to your wedding with this sweet tune. A true favorite!


ENJOY!! Sonrisa

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Candy bars and dessert tables!

Posted by: stylewedds on: June 14, 2013

Hands down the most popular wedding element to arise in the past few years, the candy bars and dessert tables have become a must-have item at weddings big and small! So popular in fact, that many couples are choosing to opt-out of a traditional wedding cake, and instead going for a super elaborate and delicious dessert table.

Both are buffet style, which makes offering these tasty treats a whole lost easier since people can just grab and go.

candy bar red

The key to making your candy bar and/or dessert table as close to your taste as possible lies in the details. You don’t need to spend loads and loads to achieve an amazing dessert table or candy bar, you do however need to focus on the right plates, containers etc in which the delicious treats will be placed. Then, the personalization of each item with tags, ribbons and of course, whatever you offer your guests should always be delicious! Even if you decide on using store bought individual cakes, its all about presentation!

sea side candy bar

garden candy bar

candy bars

fancy candy bar

A combination of the two also works perfect as well! Mix candy with yummy desserts and even popcorn! The idea is to create your own tables with your most favorite guilty pleasures and of course make them look beautiful for your wedding. If you plan on getting married in Cabo, in an amazing beach destination wedding then you’d might want to consider incorporating some traditional Mexican candy and desserts.

bride and groom chocolate treats

orange wedding dessert table

beach wedding dessert table

black and white wedding dessert table

wedding cake popspocorn dessert table

pink dessert table

blue wedding dessert table

mexican wedding candy bar

wedding macaroons




Why is a wedding planner necessary?

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wedding planner

All brides and grooms wish to have an almost perfect if not perfect wedding day and this does not come easy. Help is necessary! Yet many brides believe they can pull off their event on their own or with  just their families help. We beg to differ; too many emotions and ideas will arise. Not that it wouldn’t be possible, but the perfection you seek might come at a hefty price. So, why is a wedding planner necessary? Well for one, having a professional with you every step of the wedding planning process and the wedding itself is the key difference between having an ok wedding to a fabulous, once in a lifetime wedding!


Gaby Ruiz, Style Wedding’s & Event’s head planner.


The two most important aspects of a wedding planners job is the planning and organization of the wedding and the design of the event. The planning and organization consists of taking care of all legal and religious aspects, hiring vendors, logistics, decision making and well you guessed it, planning and taking care of the event’s every last detail. The design aspect is where a planners creativity and originality shine. At Style, we are always striving to create the most unique and original weddings in Cabo. We offer the bride and groom our knowledge and experience and share our ideas so their wedding dreams become reality.

wedding planners job

wedding book signing

beach wedding guest book

In our view, what makes a great wedding planner is their capacity for getting to know their client. The more you know your clients likes and dislikes the better and more successful an event you’ll have. Details are super important to a good wedding planner, so be sure that at Style we are careful about thinking of everything!!!!!

shrimp ceviche in cocktail glasses

wedding guest book ideas

wedding cake table

Lastly, a good wedding planner will always speak the truth. Even if we try to move earth, land and sea (this is a very common Mexican expression) to accommodate your dreams to your budget and not everything can be done we will tell you. Honesty is the best policy, yet be sure that we will find ways to replace some of your dreams with new and better ones if this happens to you. We are here to serve you! This is your special day!

wedding planner quote

wedding planners to do list

the wedding planner movie

Jennifer Lopez in the movie “The Wedding Planner” as her clients biggest supporter. A wedding planners most important job.

If your looking in to having a destination wedding and you have chosen Cabo as “the” place, give us a call or shoot us an email at Style Weddings and events Cabo. We have been creating unforgettable moments for many couple for a long time……





Spring & Summer Wedding Flowers

Posted by: stylewedds on: May 25, 2013

Spring & Summer days are here and with them come beautiful flower blooms in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors! I personally love this time of year because so many of the prettier flowers are in season thus you can most likely get the specific flowers you want for the right price!

Flowers are especially important in weddings. A key component of almost every wedding, flowers play a pivotal role in wedding décor as well as just all around wedding harmony. So how to pick the right flowers? Well we’ve compiled some of the season’s blooms so choosing the right flower or flowers for your big day is a bit easier. Keep in mind that if your having a destination wedding you might want to talk to your wedding planner about using some local flowers in order to get more bang for your buck! If Cabo is your wedding destination choice then you might want to look in to bougambilias or even desert plants like cactus which have some very pretty flowers.


white tulips


tulip chandelier

orange tulipsyellow tulips

yellow tulips and limes

whitew tulip bouquetcolorful tulip bouquet


colorful ranunculus

white ranunculus centerpieceblush ranunculus centerpiece

pink ranunculus

white ranunculus bouquetyellow rananculus bouquet


pink peonie bouquet

white peonie centerpieces

white and lavender peonie centerpiecepeonies and fruit centerpiece

peonie centerpieces

white peonie centerpieces

pink peonie bridesmaid

Lily’s, including Casablanca’s and Calla Lilies

pink lily bouquet

white lily centerpiece

white calla lily centerpieceupside down calla lily centerpiece

orange calla lily centerpiece

light pink lily centerpiece

pastel colored calla lilly bouquetwhite and purple calla lilies


blue hydrangea centerpieces

hydrangea table runner and centerpiecewhite hydrangea centerpiece

white hydrangeas and candles wedding centerpiece

blue hydrangea bouqutpink hydrangea bouquet

white hydrangea bouquets


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