Candy bars and dessert tables!

Posted by: stylewedds on: June 14, 2013

Hands down the most popular wedding element to arise in the past few years, the candy bars and dessert tables have become a must-have item at weddings big and small! So popular in fact, that many couples are choosing to opt-out of a traditional wedding cake, and instead going for a super elaborate and delicious dessert table.

Both are buffet style, which makes offering these tasty treats a whole lost easier since people can just grab and go.

candy bar red

The key to making your candy bar and/or dessert table as close to your taste as possible lies in the details. You don’t need to spend loads and loads to achieve an amazing dessert table or candy bar, you do however need to focus on the right plates, containers etc in which the delicious treats will be placed. Then, the personalization of each item with tags, ribbons and of course, whatever you offer your guests should always be delicious! Even if you decide on using store bought individual cakes, its all about presentation!

sea side candy bar

garden candy bar

candy bars

fancy candy bar

A combination of the two also works perfect as well! Mix candy with yummy desserts and even popcorn! The idea is to create your own tables with your most favorite guilty pleasures and of course make them look beautiful for your wedding. If you plan on getting married in Cabo, in an amazing beach destination wedding then you’d might want to consider incorporating some traditional Mexican candy and desserts.

bride and groom chocolate treats

orange wedding dessert table

beach wedding dessert table

black and white wedding dessert table

wedding cake popspocorn dessert table

pink dessert table

blue wedding dessert table

mexican wedding candy bar

wedding macaroons



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