2013 wedding cake topper trend!

Posted by: stylewedds on: March 16, 2013

To continue on with our 2013 top ten wedding trends, it is time to talk about cake and wedding cake toppers!! A very big 2013 wedding trend are cake toppers!

The wedding cake is on of the most traditional elements in a wedding reception. This old tradition has been around since Roman times where they would break the cake, or in that time, the loaf of bread baked especially for the occasion, over the brides head. Even though we don’t do that any more (I think) having a wedding cake at ones nuptials is a time honored tradition and so if you are a traditional couple then you should really have a fabulous wedding cake!

wedding cake topper trend

wedding cake trend

Nowadays, newlyweds make the first cake cut together while their guests look onward; a sort-of first task they do together as husband and wife type thing. also modern cakes have evolved and have become super ornate and multi-tiered. Usually people decide to have a three tier cake; the bottom two layers are for the enjoyment of the party guests while the top tier is frozen and saved by the couple with the intention of sharing it on their first wedding anniversary. But you could have as many tiers as you would like and still reserve the top one for you and your one and only. Whatever cake tradition you decide to uphold at your wedding, make sure it is fabulous, just keep in mind that this year wedding cake toppers are very trendy, especially bird toppers!

elvis wedding cake

#5 Wedding cake toppers!

2013 wedding cake topper trend

mexican wedding cake

personalized wood cake topper

love nest personalized cake topper

love nest personalized cake topper

we do bird wedding cake toppers

peacock wedding cake topper

butterfly wedding cake topper

beach wedding cake topper

gold flower wedding cake topperyellow birds wedding cake topper

fresh flower wedding cake topper

So, for your upcoming destination wedding (hopefully you have decided on having a beautiful Cabo wedding) really consider this on trend idea of a wedding cake and a beautiful wedding cake topper! We will see you in Cabo!


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