A Farm Destination Wedding

Posted by: stylewedds on: November 30, 2013

When most people think of destination weddings, they think of the beach and with good reason. Getting married in a gorgeous beach wedding, with perfect weather, crystal clear waters and white sand is many people’s dream and if its not their dream, most people would not turn down the chance of tying the knot in a perfect beach destination wedding location. Cabo for example has become one of the premiere wedding locations in the world. Not trying to be cocky, but we truly have got it all. The weather, the beaches, the magnificent Sea of Cortez or the Pacific Ocean for that matter and the desert. Plus we are a world-class resort destination, with top-notch services and accommodation’s. Whatever your wedding dreams, in Cabo we can make it happen. However, just like how the majority of people think of destination weddings on a beach setting, it isn’t hard to figure out why people think of a Cabo wedding having to be exclusively beach oriented. That my friend isn’t the case. Los Cabos was once a conglomerate of fishing and farming villages. Quaint little farms nestled in the mountains, surrounded by rich vegetation where underground water is plenty. That has left us with many beautiful venues that don’t involve the beach, but are what we call Huertas in Mexico. Don’t be afraid of not having your destination Cabo wedding at the beach. A farm destination wedding or event is just as magical! Here are 3 wedding venue options that will make your jaw drop!

Huerta Los Tamarindos



Flora’s Farm

Wirikuta Botanical Gardens

Didnt we tell you Cabo had it all……

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