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Posted by: stylewedds on: August 3, 2013

Getting married has to be one of the most magical experiences. Add to that some amazing music and you’ll be sure everyone will have a blast, so here are a few wedding song ideas we think would be amazing at a beach destination wedding. if your having your wedding not just in Mexico but in Cabo! then your music must be beach-wedding worthy and fitting to complement the fabulous setting that is Los Cabos.

I have personally always enjoyed listening to the beatles, who doesn’t really……and this song pretty much sums up what a wedding is all about.



If you have a old-style in you and feel like being a bit more original than the rest of the guys and gals getting hitched out there, then you might like this next idea. Listen to the lyrics, I promise you’ll love it just like I do. Totally unexpected!



This next song can only be described as whimsical, romantic and totally rock and roll! It has just enough beat and pzaz to make it a fun yet romantic take on the ol’ wedding song. Plus the Stones can rarely be beat in the music department. A Cabo wedding will never be the same. Love the tune and a perfect complement to the bride on her day!

I think this next song would be a perfect first dance song just because the melody and lyrics capture the emotion of such a special day! Not too commercial or recent but very fitting for the occasion. Romance at its best.

For a more modern take on the wedding song, try a little pop-rock, and Phillip Phillips “Home” really makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside, with a little bit of cool.


There is no way on earth you can go wrong with these next two culture classics. “L-O-V-E” and “At Last”. Listening to them will make you feel the happiest on your special day and you will sure put a smile on people’s faces.



Our last, but certainly not the least special of our wedding song ideas, is none other but the very special song Prince William and Duchess Kate chose for their nuptials. Which happened to be Princess Diana’s favorite song by her favorite artist and dear friend Sir Elton John. Bring some royalty in to your wedding with this sweet tune. A true favorite!


ENJOY!! Sonrisa

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