Engagement ring trends

Posted by: stylewedds on: September 20, 2013

For as long as ive known, engagement rings have always been that unmistakable simple diamond on a platinum or gold setting, the traditional ring you might say, but ever more frequently has the engagement ring trend been about “setting” aside the traditional and coming up with original and bold ring ideas. Bigger and different is better jewelers say, and what people are looking for nowadays. Since now engagement rings are not only the symbol of the engagement itself but usually, not always, the one item that defines the relationship the couple has and of course, each persons personality. Engagement rings should show off the persons individuality is the norm in today’s modern society.

Thus most brides are shying away from traditional an opting for a ring that showcases their individual personality.


vintage engagement rings

Color. We can thank Duchess Kate for this trend.


BIG. We can thank big-name celebrities.

big diamond engagement ring

Shapes, not round!

engagement rings

Custom rings


Mixed metals

mixed metal engagement rings

Our tip: talk and know your bride. Ask her what she likes and give her something with meaning. A ring she can identify with is worth more than a super expensive, over the top one.

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