Destination Weddings on a budget

Posted by: stylewedds on: January 17, 2014

Hello friends and welcome to 2014! The year we hope we can help you plan the most amazing beach destination wedding in paradise. Engagement season rapidly came to an end just a few days ago, thus we are now starting the Spring/Summer 2014 wedding season and with it the time to start your wedding planning and all that comes with it. Bridal showers, bachelorette and bachelor parties, destination wedding events, the actual wedding and honeymoon etc among other fabulous events. The first step, WHERE to get married?! Location, location, location, and nothing beats getting married in a fabulous Cabo beach or if its a more rural setting you fancy, how about a ranch style wedding or at an outback sort of locale. Whatever setting you dream of, in Cabo and Baja Sur you will find it. However, we do understand that some of you might be hesitant about a destination wedding if your on a tighter budget. Well dont despair, here we offer you our own advice on how to have a budget-friendly destination wedding that fulfills all of your dreams!

First of, shorten the guest list. Many of the people you had considered will not be able to make it anyway, but you can never be too sure. Best bet is to shorten the list from the get go so you have more money left for other things. Cutting people out is never fun or nice but in this case, you need to proritize.

Plan & book early on. The earlier you pick your venue, hotel accomodations and your wedding planner, it’s more likely you’ll find better deals on flights & hotels and more wedding venue choices. Also, having more venue choices means you can choose one that has lots of natural beauty which in turns means less of that limited budget for decor. Not to brag, but natural beauty & character should be Cabo’s middle name.


Hey, since your already abroad in a lovely vacation spot most likely, why not combine the wedding and honeymoon! If your already in another country then the odds are you haven’t traveled all over that country or at all, so save on additional airfare and such and travel around your destination wedding spot. Cabo, Baja and Mexico as a whole are amazing places to honeymoon in, and can fit any budget. From backpacking adventure-seekers, to ultra luxurious getaways in beautiful Mexican cities.

Save on printed invitations! Yes an invitation in print is so pretty and oh so classic but this can sum up to be a whole heap of cash. So do yourself and the environment a favor, send out amazing digital invitations, it can be the same design and layout as the printed version just in a digital form. Most of the printed invitations end up in the trash anyway so if your trying to save for other wedding stuff, then go the e-way. At Style we can help you create fab printed and digital invitations with the help of our sister company Media Center.

Destinations always have high & low seasons and you guessed it, low seasons are cheaper and the time where you can find deals and steals. Summer and the first couple of months of the year are Cabo’s & Baja Sur’s overall low season, so give us a ring so we can start planning asap!

Finally, ask about local everything! Local food and drink, local plants and flowers, local types of decor, local music, small boutique hotels and so on. If you keep everything simple and local, or country specific your costs will for sure go down. For instance, Bougambilias and all sorts of Cactus are common in Cabo so maybe part of or all of your decor can be using those two plants which vary in size and color.

See you in Cabo where the most amazing and beautiful destination weddings are created!

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Christmas Wedding Inspiration

Posted by: stylewedds on: December 21, 2013

Christmas is one of our favorite holiday’s and also the most wonderful time of the year. A perfect time for sayin yes to a long term committment such as marriage. It is not only a jolly time, filled with love and appreciation to be spent with family and friends, but a time for great decor & food! In our opinion, the second most important reason as to why you should consider a Christmas wedding, or at the very least, a winter wedding. From reds and greens, to golds and silvers, to every shade of white imaginable, and blues and purples, their is tons of color and decor options to choose from! Plus a beautiful Christmas tree is always an amazing decorative piece. Moreover, sicne Christmas is already a tradition-packed holiday, mixing wedding and Christmas traditions should be very fun and completely original way to tie-the-knot. Take a look at two different Christmas wedding themes that are sure to make you want to get hitched when Santa comes to town. Also remember that a destination wedding during Christmas means you get to incorporate the destinations traditions, have it be food, decor etc. In this case, Christmas in Mexico is unforgettable, so imagine treating your guests to a Mexican Christmas wedding holiday?! WOW!!


Traditional Christmas Wedding

White Winter Wedding







Merry Christmas from the Style Wedding’s & Event’s Team!

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Bridal Shower ideas

Posted by: stylewedds on: December 7, 2013

Your best friend just got engaged, not a surprise there since we are in the 2013 proposing season, and it’s time to let your great-girlfriend features come forth and shine! You might not be thinking of throwing her a bridal shower just yet, but believe us when we tell you that in the event planning industry, procrastination is the not the way to go. So, even though starting to plan that 2014 bridal shower can be a bit of a pain, it will save you some headaches for next year. Plus, sadly the holidays go just as fast as they came! So, whatever date you set will come faster than expected. Hopefully the ideas in this blog will help get the ball rolling and you’ll be the bridal shower queen. And if your the bride-to-be, the gal who just got engaged to the love of her life, you might find ideas to help your girls plan your dream bridal shower.

The French Tea party shower


The Spa shower


Slumber party brdal shower

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A Farm Destination Wedding

Posted by: stylewedds on: November 30, 2013

When most people think of destination weddings, they think of the beach and with good reason. Getting married in a gorgeous beach wedding, with perfect weather, crystal clear waters and white sand is many people’s dream and if its not their dream, most people would not turn down the chance of tying the knot in a perfect beach destination wedding location. Cabo for example has become one of the premiere wedding locations in the world. Not trying to be cocky, but we truly have got it all. The weather, the beaches, the magnificent Sea of Cortez or the Pacific Ocean for that matter and the desert. Plus we are a world-class resort destination, with top-notch services and accommodation’s. Whatever your wedding dreams, in Cabo we can make it happen. However, just like how the majority of people think of destination weddings on a beach setting, it isn’t hard to figure out why people think of a Cabo wedding having to be exclusively beach oriented. That my friend isn’t the case. Los Cabos was once a conglomerate of fishing and farming villages. Quaint little farms nestled in the mountains, surrounded by rich vegetation where underground water is plenty. That has left us with many beautiful venues that don’t involve the beach, but are what we call Huertas in Mexico. Don’t be afraid of not having your destination Cabo wedding at the beach. A farm destination wedding or event is just as magical! Here are 3 wedding venue options that will make your jaw drop!

Huerta Los Tamarindos



Flora’s Farm

Wirikuta Botanical Gardens

Didnt we tell you Cabo had it all……

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A Thanksgiving Engagement

Posted by: stylewedds on: November 22, 2013

Holiday season equals Engagement season and why not take advantage of these special dates and ask one of the most important questions you will ever ask? How about a Thanksgiving engagement? Better yet, a destination Thanksgiving engagement in Cabo! For those who’ve been here during this time you’ve seen how fun Cabo get’s and for those of you who haven’t, well we can for sure say you are missing out, plus the weather is amazing. Nevertheless, Thanksgiving is one of the most important holiday’s around and a romantic one at that, thus take a cue from some of our favorite Thanksgiving proposal ideas and get ready for some poppin’!

The Lab on the Roof: 9 Candle Decoration Ideas for Fall

apple cider drink station

naked rustic cake

tree designed pie

woodland bridal soiree

white pumpkin walkway

white pumpkin walkway

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Proposing this Holiday Season

Posted by: stylewedds on: November 1, 2013

On the eve of Halloween, holiday season 2013 has officially begun! Sonrisa Prime time in marriage proposal season, so don’t be surprised if people you know start getting engaged left and right. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year’s are the four main holiday’s, but if your thinking of something more exotic for your proposal, a Mexican proposal for instance, then your options are more varied.  The Day of the Dead, the Posadas or holiday parties prior to Christmas & Three King’s Day after New Year’s. That counts seven dates in which you can pop the question and have it be extra special.

dsc037562 Thinking of proposing on Halloween?

First Halloween. If your partner likes costumes, candy & all things scary then Halloween could be your ticket to an awesome marriage proposal. Carving pumpkins is fun could be the ideal tool to propose with. Carve out “will you marry me”? and put the ring inside. Or suggest dressing up as the Corpse Bride and groom and propose. Personalized candy in the trick or treat bowl is also very sweet. In short, the props are there you’ve just gotta know what to do with them. Scary and goolish proposals are encouraged.

If your girl is super family oriented, is close to her family and usually includes them in major life decisions then Thanksgiving is the right Holiday for you. When the family is all gathered together, with an ambience of love & gratitude and delicious food. Some guys opt for asking their girlfriend right at the dinner table, with their families present. Others do it more privately and celebrate later. Take her to a pumpkin patch, or stick it in her yummy pumpkin pie. Whatever you choose to do, if she’s a family gal, odds are she’ll be super happy.

Now Christmas! We personally think Christmas is the best holiday ever! If you think so too then pop-the-question when Santa is about to arrive. Take your partner Christmas Tree shopping to a tree farm, hang the ring on the tree as an ornament, wrap it as a present so that Santa Claus can deliver it, use Christmas lights to spell out your proposal, use snow, a carriage or unexpected Christmas carolers at her house…..the possibilities are endless and oh so magical!

Lastly, New Year’s. Ringing in the New Year while asking your guy or gal to marry you sends the message that you are ready to start a new life with them very clearly. Since New Year’s is the time when you make yourself personal promises, this message holds that much more meaning. The start of a new life with your other half. Plus, champagne always makes things a bit more romantic and fireworks make a hell of a backdrop.


New Year’s Eve Movie.

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Bridal Wedding dress trends for 2014

Posted by: stylewedds on: October 24, 2013

New York Bridal Fashion Week, which showcased what will be the bridal wedding dress trends for next year, just recently concluded a few days ago. It goes without saying that we were pleasantly surprised to see so many wedding dress novelties, especially color!

We believe most other wedding bloggers, bridal stylists, wedding dress vendors and every other person working in the wedding industry came up with the same overall conclusion regarding Bridal Fashion Week; Vera Wang WOW! Usually, there isn’t so much consensus over one designer or item or trend, but the bridal fashion queen made such a bold statement, that everyone is talking about it, and we are certainly not the exception.

So let’s begin with our very favorite trend that came out of this Bridal heaven….


Vera Wang

Vera WangVera Wang

Vera WangVera Wang

Claire Pettibone

2013-10-15-gold.jpgClaire Pettibone ‘Raven’ wedding dress (front), Still Life Collection, 2014 Fashion Show, Bridal Market Photo: Anton Oparin


Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera - PasarelaCarolina Herrera - Pasarela

Carolina HerreraCarolina Herrera

Dennis Basso

Dennis Basso - PasarelaDennis Basso - Pasarela


Marchesa BridalMarchesa Bridal

Temperly London

Temperley London - PasarelaTemperley London


Amanda Wakeley

Amanda Wakeley - PasarelaAmanda Wakeley - Pasarela



Temperly London

Temperley LondonTemperley London

These first three trends are a destination wedding dream. A Cabo beach wedding would lend itself perfectly to an ultra modern and chic short dress o a colorful gown in a pinkish hue that complements our Mexican wedding destination perfectly!


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Fact’s & Figures on engagement season ‘13

Posted by: stylewedds on: October 18, 2013

Hey guy’s and gal’s, we are back this week with more on engagement’s and marriage proposals. It is the season for it and it’s prime time for this special life event in Cabo at the moment. For this very reason, we’ve done some research on what’s going on in the engagement world this year. That is, what people are thinking and what’s trending now! There is some interesting information even we were surprised to learn about.

All of this information is based on different survey’s conducted in the United States, so bare with us if you are not part of that demographic. Still, it is interesting and useful information for anyone looking to pop the question or about to become engaged.

1- 25% of women believe the engagement is more important than the wedding itself, so fellas, let’s try to make it as memorable and special as possible keeping in mind your partners likes.

Wakeboarding proposal.

2- Even if you met your significant other on a social media site or a dating website, you should NEVER, I repeat NEVER propose virtually or electronically. The probability of the person you are asking saying “yes” would probably be more like –50.

3- According to polls, 37% of women today are now willing to take on the role of the “proposer”. You could be surprised at any point in time gentlemen. The “Proposal” movie.

4- Good news ladies! Most men would still ask your father for your hand in marriage. Daddy’s girl!

father daughter love

5- Almost half of folks polled would consider having a public marriage proposal. Something like at a baseball game, or on a T.V. show.

Goo Goo Dolls music group help a man propose during one of their concerts.

6– 50% of women would rather have a nicer and bigger ring than a super fancy, ultra the top engagement. We guess this all depends on the person, so knowing your partners priorities is key, but we figure this is probably right since the phrase “it’s the thought that counts” comes to mind.

2014 engagement ring trio

7– 38% of people would ask their family and friends for advice on how to propose, while the rest would go at it alone. We prefer the first option, as 2, 3, 4 or 5 heads think better than one.

8– The majority of men and women still believe that the one knee marriage proposal is the way to go and the most romantic gesture, even if it’s cliché. So if you have knee trouble, may we suggest knee pads Guiño


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Going Dutch!

Posted by: stylewedds on: October 12, 2013

Ever heard the phrase “Going Dutch”? Well, it’s something we are hearing more and more often nowadays and a phrase we felt we ought to talk about, especially during engagement season. So what does this term actually mean? As per romantic couples, it means splitting the cost of the future brides engagement ring, the symbol of the couples commitment to each other. Opinions are mixed, but one thing is certain, more and more couples are opting to go this route since as many say, modern times call for an equal divide.

Whatever the reason, here are the arguments for and against. Those couples for “Going Dutch” claim that splitting the cost makes sense to them not only because of modern times, but because they are going to marry anyway and thus will share financial responsibility, so why not start form the very beginning.

Those not in favor, claim that the break from this core element of tradition will mean that chivalry is dead. What would happen to that surprise and excitement a person gets when they are being proposed to. Would this mean for gifts or surprises down the line? 

Engagement scene where she gets to pick her ring at the Tiffany & Co. store in NYC.


One thing is for certain, increasingly more couples are getting engaged to be married long after they have lived together and have been splitting the cost of living for a while, so for many of those couples the decision and the cost of making a big purchase is joint.  However, for others this fact does not necessarily mean that the element of surprise in the case of such an important and traditional event should be lost. Will this mark the end of the romantic surprise one-knee proposal? Also, some men have also stated that they would feel uncomfortable sharing the cost of the ring since it has always been the man’s role and part of the romanticism of it all to buy the ring and propose. It does go without saying they do have to do a little work to know the kind of ring and size their partner wants.

Whatever the case may be for you, remember that a ring is more than just a mere material object, valued on its size or cost. It is the symbol of your commitment to her or him. Take it from us, we are in the love business, MOST people would like to be surprised, wooed and swept of their feet, even if they say otherwise.

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The traditional marriage proposal

Posted by: stylewedds on: October 7, 2013

Although many modern couples nowadays prefer not to partake in the traditional marriage proposal, some still wish to uphold traditions and be classic, even if it’s just a formality. Whether you choose to propose in the traditional way, that is, asking your girlfriends parents for her hand, or in your own non-traditional way, here we break down how the classic marriage proposal works. Just in case you hold it as an option. Remember even if you don’t care about formalities or traditions, your bride or her family might, so it would be nice on your part to keep that in mind and give them that satisfaction.

In it’s most traditional form, the proposal is done at the bride’s house, her parent’s house to be more precise. The groom’s parent’s, and family if he has a large one, are invited to a lunch or a dinner by the couple to the bride’s parent’s house. In the most traditional manner, the groom gives his in laws gifts such as flowers to his mother-in-law and a bottle of wine to his father-in-law. After lunch or dinner, whatever you choose to have, the groom asks for everyone’s attention and publicly asks his in laws for their daughter’s hand in marriage. Assuming they say yes, everyone claps and congratulates each other on the newly formed commitment. This is the most traditional way folks do it in today’s western world  but there are some variations to this tradition which is usually what people in for example Mexico do.

During the lunch held at a restaurant to celebrate the couple’s future wedding.

In Mexico its is usually the norm for the groom to ask the bride’s parent’s for her hand in marriage, but without the bride knowing. The groom asks the brides parents for their daughters hand and once it is granted then he formulates his plan for actually asking the future Mrs. to marry him, which can be days, weeks or even months ahead. After she’s said yes, then the future brides family organizes a lunch or a dinner to formalize the proposal. This event is commonly referred to as “La pedida”. if you and your partner have talked about having a destination wedding in Cabo for example, this might be a nice way to keep with the Mexican vibe your future wedding may have.

Whatever your marriage proposal tendencies are, keep in mind that weddings are a tradition in and of themselves and they are usually tradition driven. Brides wearing white wedding dresses is a tradition. So even if your not traditional at all, this is still a very romantic gesture.

Happy asking!

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