Destination Weddings on a budget

Posted by: stylewedds on: January 17, 2014

Hello friends and welcome to 2014! The year we hope we can help you plan the most amazing beach destination wedding in paradise. Engagement season rapidly came to an end just a few days ago, thus we are now starting the Spring/Summer 2014 wedding season and with it the time to start your wedding planning and all that comes with it. Bridal showers, bachelorette and bachelor parties, destination wedding events, the actual wedding and honeymoon etc among other fabulous events. The first step, WHERE to get married?! Location, location, location, and nothing beats getting married in a fabulous Cabo beach or if its a more rural setting you fancy, how about a ranch style wedding or at an outback sort of locale. Whatever setting you dream of, in Cabo and Baja Sur you will find it. However, we do understand that some of you might be hesitant about a destination wedding if your on a tighter budget. Well dont despair, here we offer you our own advice on how to have a budget-friendly destination wedding that fulfills all of your dreams!

First of, shorten the guest list. Many of the people you had considered will not be able to make it anyway, but you can never be too sure. Best bet is to shorten the list from the get go so you have more money left for other things. Cutting people out is never fun or nice but in this case, you need to proritize.

Plan & book early on. The earlier you pick your venue, hotel accomodations and your wedding planner, it’s more likely you’ll find better deals on flights & hotels and more wedding venue choices. Also, having more venue choices means you can choose one that has lots of natural beauty which in turns means less of that limited budget for decor. Not to brag, but natural beauty & character should be Cabo’s middle name.


Hey, since your already abroad in a lovely vacation spot most likely, why not combine the wedding and honeymoon! If your already in another country then the odds are you haven’t traveled all over that country or at all, so save on additional airfare and such and travel around your destination wedding spot. Cabo, Baja and Mexico as a whole are amazing places to honeymoon in, and can fit any budget. From backpacking adventure-seekers, to ultra luxurious getaways in beautiful Mexican cities.

Save on printed invitations! Yes an invitation in print is so pretty and oh so classic but this can sum up to be a whole heap of cash. So do yourself and the environment a favor, send out amazing digital invitations, it can be the same design and layout as the printed version just in a digital form. Most of the printed invitations end up in the trash anyway so if your trying to save for other wedding stuff, then go the e-way. At Style we can help you create fab printed and digital invitations with the help of our sister company Media Center.

Destinations always have high & low seasons and you guessed it, low seasons are cheaper and the time where you can find deals and steals. Summer and the first couple of months of the year are Cabo’s & Baja Sur’s overall low season, so give us a ring so we can start planning asap!

Finally, ask about local everything! Local food and drink, local plants and flowers, local types of decor, local music, small boutique hotels and so on. If you keep everything simple and local, or country specific your costs will for sure go down. For instance, Bougambilias and all sorts of Cactus are common in Cabo so maybe part of or all of your decor can be using those two plants which vary in size and color.

See you in Cabo where the most amazing and beautiful destination weddings are created!

Style Wedding’s & Events Cabo.

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