Going Dutch!

Posted by: stylewedds on: October 12, 2013

Ever heard the phrase “Going Dutch”? Well, it’s something we are hearing more and more often nowadays and a phrase we felt we ought to talk about, especially during engagement season. So what does this term actually mean? As per romantic couples, it means splitting the cost of the future brides engagement ring, the symbol of the couples commitment to each other. Opinions are mixed, but one thing is certain, more and more couples are opting to go this route since as many say, modern times call for an equal divide.

Whatever the reason, here are the arguments for and against. Those couples for “Going Dutch” claim that splitting the cost makes sense to them not only because of modern times, but because they are going to marry anyway and thus will share financial responsibility, so why not start form the very beginning.

Those not in favor, claim that the break from this core element of tradition will mean that chivalry is dead. What would happen to that surprise and excitement a person gets when they are being proposed to. Would this mean for gifts or surprises down the line? 

Engagement scene where she gets to pick her ring at the Tiffany & Co. store in NYC. Juila@terramar.com.mx


One thing is for certain, increasingly more couples are getting engaged to be married long after they have lived together and have been splitting the cost of living for a while, so for many of those couples the decision and the cost of making a big purchase is joint.  However, for others this fact does not necessarily mean that the element of surprise in the case of such an important and traditional event should be lost. Will this mark the end of the romantic surprise one-knee proposal? Also, some men have also stated that they would feel uncomfortable sharing the cost of the ring since it has always been the man’s role and part of the romanticism of it all to buy the ring and propose. It does go without saying they do have to do a little work to know the kind of ring and size their partner wants.


Whatever the case may be for you, remember that a ring is more than just a mere material object, valued on its size or cost. It is the symbol of your commitment to her or him. Take it from us, we are in the love business, MOST people would like to be surprised, wooed and swept of their feet, even if they say otherwise.

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