The traditional marriage proposal

Posted by: stylewedds on: October 7, 2013

Although many modern couples nowadays prefer not to partake in the traditional marriage proposal, some still wish to uphold traditions and be classic, even if it’s just a formality. Whether you choose to propose in the traditional way, that is, asking your girlfriends parents for her hand, or in your own non-traditional way, here we break down how the classic marriage proposal works. Just in case you hold it as an option. Remember even if you don’t care about formalities or traditions, your bride or her family might, so it would be nice on your part to keep that in mind and give them that satisfaction.

In it’s most traditional form, the proposal is done at the bride’s house, her parent’s house to be more precise. The groom’s parent’s, and family if he has a large one, are invited to a lunch or a dinner by the couple to the bride’s parent’s house. In the most traditional manner, the groom gives his in laws gifts such as flowers to his mother-in-law and a bottle of wine to his father-in-law. After lunch or dinner, whatever you choose to have, the groom asks for everyone’s attention and publicly asks his in laws for their daughter’s hand in marriage. Assuming they say yes, everyone claps and congratulates each other on the newly formed commitment. This is the most traditional way folks do it in today’s western world  but there are some variations to this tradition which is usually what people in for example Mexico do.

During the lunch held at a restaurant to celebrate the couple’s future wedding.

In Mexico its is usually the norm for the groom to ask the bride’s parent’s for her hand in marriage, but without the bride knowing. The groom asks the brides parents for their daughters hand and once it is granted then he formulates his plan for actually asking the future Mrs. to marry him, which can be days, weeks or even months ahead. After she’s said yes, then the future brides family organizes a lunch or a dinner to formalize the proposal. This event is commonly referred to as “La pedida”. if you and your partner have talked about having a destination wedding in Cabo for example, this might be a nice way to keep with the Mexican vibe your future wedding may have.

Whatever your marriage proposal tendencies are, keep in mind that weddings are a tradition in and of themselves and they are usually tradition driven. Brides wearing white wedding dresses is a tradition. So even if your not traditional at all, this is still a very romantic gesture.

Happy asking!

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