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Posted by: stylewedds on: September 28, 2012

We are glad to share with you some floral trends for this coming season.


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Fruity florals

Adding some fruits will make your floral arrangements stylish and audacious. Fruits such as lemons, limes, and oranges are perfect for adding a colorful twist to almost any arrangement. Whether used whole, or cut into slices, their bright, bold colors instantly add excitement, fun, and a bit of whimsy.


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Florals & Jewels


Add some inexpensive jewels to your bouquet for a unique and glamorous look. You can add some style to your flowers by sticking some gold pins or few pearl-tipped pins into an arrangement of like-colored blooms, or by pinning a faux diamond brooch to the bouquet wrap.


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Try to match the jewels to your color scheme, the color of the flowers or any other element you want to complement. Just try not to go overboard.


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Fur and Feathers


This dashing pairing might seem a little risqué, but adding a few feathers or some faux fur to your bouquet can be both beautiful and striking.


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Fur and feathers add a little warmth to a bouquet, perfect for fall and winter weddings. A lining of white or green faux fur creates exotic interest when wrapped around a tall bouquet of orchids and peacock feathers. For a more neutral palette, a fur wrap on a small bouquet of white flowers accented with ostrich feathers adds some style to a winter wedding color scheme.





Every bride is the center of attention at the wedding. To make sure you remain the focus of everyone’s gaze, try holding onto a large, vibrant bouquet. You’ll want to use colors that really stand out, so choose flowers that are unique and that you are not using anywhere else in your décor scheme. For example, if your ceremony area is adorned with white and red roses, a bouquet filled with bright blue irises or hydrangeas and striking yellow lilies will ensure that any wandering eyes find their way back to you!


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Naturally from the area


If you’re looking for a way to convey a back-to-nature kind of feeling, use local wildflowers for your floral décor and bouquet. Combinations of coral vine, sunflowers, lilies and baby’s breath should be easy to acquire and arrange. The great thing about wildflowers is that, as in nature, they can appear in any color or combination, and they’re guaranteed to look great no matter how you organize them. The selection of flowers you use will depend on your location and the season, though this trend is best suited for outdoor ceremonies in the spring, summer and fall.


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More is not always better. Sometimes, an easy classic, like flowers in a clear glass vase, works perfectly. While other brides go out of their way to outdo one another with expensive and elaborate floral arrangements, you can choose a beautiful set of blooms and place them in a few simple vessels. This minimalist scheme works well on eight-top tables with rough linen runners. No excessive ornamentation, no pricey, exotic designs — just gorgeous flowers. That is all you need.


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Enchanting Votives


The days of boring taper candles on reception tables are gone. Suspending votives from table set mini trees is a great idea and it creates a beautiful visual effect. It is also a great way to illuminate the tables as the votives hang on from high above the tables. Depending on your theme and flower selection, a few well-placed candles can illuminate your stylish design choices and enhance the romantic atmosphere of your wedding (especially if you’re having nighttime nuptials).


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