Lighting your Cabo Wedding!

Posted by: stylewedds on: February 2, 2012

One of the most important aspects in your Cabo Beach Wedding reception is the lighting; this only part can turn your wedding into average or simple stunning!





First, you have to evaluate your venue and envision the wedding reception. Take a look at some photos of wedding events and show them to your décor professional.





Learning the lighting lingo will make you comprehend more about this matter.


Here are some of the most common words in the lighting world:


Gobos Circular stencils that are put over a light to project a design or pattern. Some of the most trends designs are the initials of the bride and groom, the date or other wedding motifs.


Pin spot is a focused beam of light that shines directly onto an object, like a centerpiece or wedding cake, as a highlight effect.


luxury-events-cabo         wedding-lights-cabo


Color wash this fixtures can create a “wash” or a blanket of colored light covering an entire area.




LED (light-emitting diodes) these lights are very popular for weddings as they use less electricity, incandescent light bulbs. This means they can sometimes be wireless, so they’re even that much more discreet.


Think of a Color, maybe, the green, sage or purple, make you feel in certain way and you wish to include those to your wedding palette. You may want to use colors that complement all skin tones, like magenta or amber.

Candle lights, these simple items can provide a warm and romantic feeling to the reception tables and the entire area. Spread some votives and candelabras and you will create a romantic and unique feeling. A mirror under the candles would make a beautiful effect!


wedding-beach-trends-cabowedding-los cabos

Some additional lighting for a beach wedding could be paper “floating” lamps over the reception area, a fire pit in the sand or tiki torches in the perimeter area.



We look forward to meeting you and give you more ideas for your Cabo Beach Wedding!


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You are so cool! So nice to find anyone with some authentic ideas on this subject. My previous job gave me a lot of opportunities to travel. To explore different cities, different cultures and people, and importantly to photograph each place I’ve been, specially Cabo.

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