Getting Married Abroad: My Wedding in Cabo!

Posted by: stylewedds on: December 16, 2011

Getting married abroad should be no more complicated than getting married at home.

If you decide to use a Wedding Planner actually will be easier than planning a wedding at home.


Getting Married Abroad Cabo


When getting married abroad, your wedding is more than just one day! Many couples make the most of having all their guests in the one location and carry their wedding celebrations over a number of days.


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With a little bit of research and careful planning you will be able to create a unique wedding and is talked about and remembered by your guests for years to come.

In addition, in Cabo you will also find the activities are just as memorable as your wedding day itself!


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Make sure you’re prepared for all the paperwork and practicalities of getting married abroad…

Like in other countries and in the US, each Mexican state follows certain marriage procedures for their citizens and foreigners. Those who are planning to wed in this country should check these regulations to be aware and informed accordingly. A standard requirement for any foreigner marrying a Mexican is to provide identification documents. They will require a Spanish translated birth certificate duly acknowledged or verified by the foreigner’s own country. A valid passport should also be available.


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If the US citizen had a previous marriage, documents of the divorce or death of spouse are also needed. It is another mandatory requirement of the Mexican state for the foreigner to undergo medical tests particularly for HIV, syphilis and others as well as blood tests and x-rays. The results have to be recently performed based on the prescribed period of the state. All fees should also be paid for accordingly to facilitate the process of the marriage license.


Unique, Romantic & Flawless Wedding!

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